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We offer experience, objective, professionalism, and fast turnaround between assessment and completion of the Medico-legal report. Furthermore, we aim to produce a report that is free-standing, that is, that the reader can glean the key issues in the case, understand the evidence available and reach a clear understanding of the expert’s opinion, without needing to look at any other document.

Clinical Psychology Assessments
We provide comprehensive independent and objective reports gleaned from an assessment which involves conducting a thorough clinical interview with specialised psychometric testing to determine the possible presence, nature, extent and severity of the claimants’ psychological condition arising from a motor vehicle accident, personal injury or case of negligence.

Neuropsychological Assessments
We provide neuropsychological assessments which assess brain function and involves the testing and examination of cognitive, emotional and behavioural functioning. It also examines a person’s cognitive changes as a result of a condition or circumstances that may have affected their brain function. The medico-legal appointment involves a thorough clinical interview, neuropsychological and cognitive/intellectual psychometric testing, and brief emotional testing.

Industrial Psychology Assessments
We provide a comprehensive report, assessing the effects of the accident or incident and its sequelae on the possible loss of earnings, employability and career development prospects of a claimant. The report is based on an interview with the claimant, other reports made available by medical and allied health professionals, the labour market and the claimant’s employment history in relation to a motor vehicle accident, medical negligence or personal injury case.

Educational Psychology Assessments
We provide holistic cognitive and scholastic assessments and reports investigating claimants’ post-morbid educational prognoses; and compare post-morbid cognitive and academic functioning with pre-morbid scenarios in motor vehicle accident and medical negligence cases.

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